Re-Working the Outline of a Classical Guitar


A while back, I ordered a new guitar template and templates to make a new work board with matching mold and side bending forms. The new outline varies a bit from my original outline, the two guitars I made with it are shapely and pleasing to the eye. There was a partially completed top cut to my original outline that I have wanted to make a guitar from for a while, so I thought it would be a good idea to re-cut it to the new outline. Well, it turned out that the current sound hole location didn't match the sound hole location on the new outline. In order to use this top, I would need to create a whole new outline. 

To start a new outline I marked the location of the 19th fret on the top and marked that on a cut out of my original outline. The 12th fret will land somewhere near the top end of the outline.

The lower bout is a little too small compared to the original, I can't add any wood to that,

and it became part of the new outline,

and the waist wasn't deep enough to match the original.

 I was able to add a little bulk to the upper bout and a little adjustment with the help of French curves I am quite satisfied with the final shape!

The final length of the body is about 18 7/8 inches, the is about the length that the great Antonio de Torres Jurado used for his famous guitars.

With a little time designing at the bench, this is the next guitar that I will build and it will be paired with East Indian rosewood back and sides.


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