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All Wood Double Top Classical Guitar

  Double top , or composite top, classical guitars are all the rage these days, especially among young guitarists and I decided that I would make a double top guitar. Instead of using Nomex honeycomb material as part of the composite top, I used a router to rout out channels in the top to help reduce the top's weight. I got this idea from the wonderful guitar maker, Steve Ganz , using his technique requires minimal tools and no vacuum platen to hold the top down while routing. I saw no point in building a completely new guitar, so I took the top off of one of my guitars to conduct this experiment. I then made the channel top... ...glued redwood veneer over the channels... ...braced the new top with my standard bracing... and proceeded putting the guitar back together. I put strings on it two days ago and with the cedar top is definitely louder than it was with the redwood top. Next week a friend of mine is stopping by the shop and I am going to get him to try out this guitar and ge