Friday, October 26, 2012

The First Good Snow Storm of the Fall Season

A comfortable camp while in the woods is one which affords shelter from the wind and storm.

Daniel Carter Beard, The Field and Forest Handy Book, 1906

The National Weather Service website said that those of us along the Dry Fork of St. Vrain Creek received only 10 inches of snow, I measured 13 inches this morning. It snowed heavily Wednesday night, again last night and when I woke up this morning the thermometer read 18 degrees F., not too cold, but it was just right for this light and fluffy snow. Okay, so I'm rambling, but it was a gorgeous day today.

I've been home sick these last two days and it's annoying not to be able to go out and play in this snow, though I did manage to take the dogs for a walk up the gulch. I look forward to more snowy days like this.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

The Ten String Classic Guitar-My Latest Obsession, Part 4

Andres Segovia had little use for modern innovation where the classical guitar was concerned. For Segovia, the classical guitar ethos mainly featured six strings (nylon, to be sure, but still...), one guitar (though he did admire the playing of the Presti-Lagoya duo), and compositions he transcribed or which were dedicated to him.

Howard Bass, Jose Tomas: Memory and Legacy, 2012 (Click on title for the full article!)

Slowly, I continue work on the neck for the 10 string classical guitar.

I decided that the headplate should have BWB purfling sandwiched between to the two halves of fiddle back maple. I will use this BWB in the back of the guitar.

Here's a close up of the joint while the pieces are in situ on the shooting board.

In order to join the pieces I made a small version of a plate joining jig. The two pieces together are four inches wide - a top or back for a classical guitar are a little over sixteen inches wide when you join them, I hope from that description you can get an idea how small this jig is!

Friday, October 5, 2012

Aspen, Ponderosa Pine and Fall

This is my backyard, yes, I own this and these scenes are less than 100 feet behind our house. How lucky am I! I am so grateful to live here!

1912 Ex-Segovia Cedar/East Indian Rosewood Classical Guitar

Inspired by AndrĂ©s Segovia’s famous 1912 Manuel Ramirez guitar, I chose Western red cedar top and East Indian rosewood back and sides from m...