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Stanley No. 271 Router

Construction materials and proper tools are necessary for making guitars. Gerald J. Bakus, A Comprehensive Reference to the Classical and Flamenco Guitar , 1977 This little tool has sat on the shelf for awhile, it wasn't forgotten, I don't have much use for it. I purchased it from McGuckin's Hardware in Boulder, Colorado in 1994, I think Stanley stopped making No. 271 right after that. I once had the box that it came in, now lost in some move. I've used it a few times, but never really did any kind of work where it was needed. I did use it to finish the shelf on the neck on the latest Torres/Santos guitar... ...and today I retrieved it to start working down the heel for the heel cap. I guess I will start using it more often! I plan on changing the angle on the iron, it's a little too blunt, maybe something more along a 20 degree angle, anything to help it pare better. I know that one can still find original Stanley No. 271 planes

Making an Antonio Torres Style Guitar: Binding Ledges and Maple Binding

Few realize the influence of the luthier on the life and career of an artist. Without the existence of an adequate instrument, the fantasy, the emotional richness, the technical precision and the essence of musical interpretation--all would remain latent. Andres Segovia, 1954 Work on this guitar has consumed so much of my time these past two weeks I haven't been able to blog about the work, much to the chagrin of the young man who ordered this guitar. The back is on, no hitches or other problems with that task, it rings like a bell when I tap it. Out came the router, respirator, ear plugs, plus several prayers to Saint Joseph the Worker, for a series of test cuts and then the actual routing of the binding ledges. This step is not for the faint of heart, so many things can go wrong! I still recall when the router bit sent a big sliver of wood flying from the top of a guitar, fortunately I found the sliver and glued it back in place. Even cutting these binding ledges