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Western Woodworking, Part II

If you can't build a piece of furniture or guitar from claro walnut or Douglas fir, there's no point in making such a thing.  Frank Black, logger, cowboy, forest ranger, master axeman. In a previous post I asked the question, "Are there any woodworkers living West of the Mississippi River?"  I received comments from several amateur woodworkers, one was Joe from San Francisco who has a delightful blog  and is now on the Norse Woodsmith aggregator, and from one gentleman in Fort Collins, Colorado who isn't blogging judging from my research. Bob Easton chimed in, also, but sorry, Bob, living on the west bank of the Hudson River isn't far enough West for this matter!  As I stated in the earlier post, I know that there are woodworkers living West of the Mississippi, I am aware of all the well known and not so well known woodworking schools here in the West - College of the Redwoods, Anderson Ranch Art Center, Port Townsend School of Woodworking, etc., etc.- and th