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New Mexico, Double Top Guitars and Moving to a New Shop

My wife and I are moving to a small adobe house that is located about 20 miles southeast of Taos, New Mexico sometime this coming April. I spent last week packing up our possessions that fill the house while my wife works at her day job,  last Friday I started packing up my workshop. There is more packing to do, the drawers of both workbenches are empty... the toolbox is slowly giving up its tools for cardboard boxes. The red tool chest is completely full of tone wood, the bottom chest has some tools with tone wood filling up the remainder of the chest and there is more tone wood to pack! I had to move some boxes so I could sit down at the computer to write this blog post. This will be our new home is New Mexico, it is an adobe house on 1.5 acres of pasture with water rights, a big deal here in the West. And yes, I know how to flood irrigate, I helped my father irrigate our hay fields in Northeastern California. From one tiny shop to another. This will be my studio until I can build a