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What’s on My Workbench? A New Double/Composite Top Classical Guitar

The latest guitar on my workbench is a double top, or composite top, classical guitar, Western Red Cedar top with a Nomex core that is covered with a veneer of old growth Coastal Redwood. I used a wider cell honeycomb Nomex on this guitar to see how a lighter top will respond under string tension. I changed up the bracing pattern for this guitar, just five struts… …and the two outer struts pass underneath the lower transverse bar.  I use lots of clothes pins to clamp the back linings to the sides. I cut up an old tire inner tube to use as “rope” to glue on the back. The top bindings went on this morning, the back bindings were glued on yesterday, the fretboard is next and then the bridge.  If you want to read more about this guitar, go to my Substack page!

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