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New Shop, New Workbench

At its simplest, a shop doesn't take much to be successful:  a  bit of roof, a bench, and a corner where a tool chest can be stored.

Scott Gibson, The Workshop, 2003

We are still settling into the house that we rented in a quiet little suburb of Denver, there are opened and unpacked moving boxes in the house and in the garage.

I was able to set up studio space in the spare bedroom, I cached the extra guitars in the closet and purchased a set of metal mesh shelving for the tone wood, it's a wonderful room, the only problem with it is there is no air conditioning in the house. There is an attic/house fan that sucks air in from the outside, it makes it hard to control "the climate" in this room. I bought a room dehumidifier to keep the guitars and wood at 45%RH, the machine puts out some heat, the room can get a little warm. I am looking forward to the fall when outside temperatures are a little cooler.

For the last several years, I have wanted a workbench base that has…

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