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Welsh Style Stick Windsor Chair

I made this Welsh style stick Windsor chair fifteen or sixteen years ago for my wife when we were living at Cedar Grove, outside of Paynes Creek, California. At the time, chair makers like Don Weber, Drew Langsner, etc., referred to these as Welsh style stick Windsors, and if you look at the research they did back in the late 1990's, early 2000's, you will see why they used that term. I had read all the available books and magazine articles on chair making, then I went out into the forest that was my backyard, selected and felled the trees that would become this chair.   The seat is ponderosa pine that I milled from a tree on our property with a Husky 385 chainsaw and a Granberg Alaskan mill attachment and carved out with a gutter adze, planes and spoke shaves. The spindles and arm rests are black oak (quercus kelloggii) from a tree on the property, the legs are red oak dowels my father acquired when he worked for Kimberly Clark paper company sometime around 1970.

A New Guitar - A Short Video of Western Red Cedar/ Wenge

I hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during this COVID 19 pandemic! My heart goes out to all you are affected by the virus! There is plenty of work for me in the shop, I am finishing up a third guitar neck and there are necks for cigar box guitars that need assembling. Not to mention that there are side sets that need thinning, backs sets that need to be joined and bending and assembly molds to be made. If you have questions about this guitar please email me! Thanks! Take care everyone and I will post another video soon!