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How Many Handplanes to Build a Guitar?

Houses tell a lot about the people who built them and the people who live in them. Jane Valentine Barker, Historic Homes of Boulder County , 1979 What's wrong with this photo? Can anyone find fault with what is on my workbench? Now that we are more or less settled into our new place, I had to inspect all my hand tools to see if any were damaged in the move from California. The only one to suffer some dings was my grandfather's Stanley No. 5 plane, then I discovered another problem. I think I own too many hand planes! Starting left to right: 1. Transitional jointer , blade is marked Fulton. I purchased this in Flagstaff, Arizona about 1990. 2. Stanley No. 7 jointer , Sweetheart era, I haven't typed it out yet. Purchased from Sydnas Sloot around 2003. 3. Stanley No. 7 jointer , purchased new from Garrett Wade in 1996. 4. Stanley No. 36 , Transitional jack plane, purchased from Sydnas Sloot in 2009. 5. Stanley No. 5 jack plane, type 5, this plane belonged to my grandfather, I