Classical Guitar Repair

These prices are to give an idea of the cost of common repairs. Prices may change based on complexity of the job and value of the instrument.


Set up:  $80

Fret Dress: $80 & up

Nut Replacement: $75 & up

Saddle Replacement: $50 & up


Fret Level, Re-crown and Polish: $150

Re-fretting with or without binding: $375

May require additional cost of a new nut

Partial re-fretting: $25 per fret

Plus $75 for dressing

Crack Repair

By Quote

French Polishing

Crack Repair with French Polish Touch Up: $125 & up

Refinish Top with French Polish: $575

Refinish Entire Instrument with French Polish: $1800

Replace Guitar Top

$2000 minimum


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