The First Good Snow Storm of the Fall Season

A comfortable camp while in the woods is one which affords shelter from the wind and storm.

Daniel Carter Beard, The Field and Forest Handy Book, 1906

The National Weather Service website said that those of us along the Dry Fork of St. Vrain Creek received only 10 inches of snow, I measured 13 inches this morning. It snowed heavily Wednesday night, again last night and when I woke up this morning the thermometer read 18 degrees F., not too cold, but it was just right for this light and fluffy snow. Okay, so I'm rambling, but it was a gorgeous day today.

I've been home sick these last two days and it's annoying not to be able to go out and play in this snow, though I did manage to take the dogs for a walk up the gulch. I look forward to more snowy days like this.


  1. What a great picture!

    I hope you feel better soon Wilson.

  2. Thanks, Rob!

    With lots of sleep and drink(?) I am on the mend!


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