My Other Workshop

Silver runs in ledges and gold is where you find it.

Hard rock mining saying

Looking west up Delonde Creek

I get to spend the rest of this week working at Caribou Ranch Open Space at the Artist-in-Residence barn at the Delonde Ranch. Just little pickup work-cutting in an opening for the water tank lid, putting more barrel bolts on the door, making sure that the shower works, etc.

The lean-to shed on the left side of barn is for the Artist-in-Residence

The I get to build some bucks to close off the road to the barn so visitors won't walk up to the artist's residence and disturb them. Once the bucks are made I'll put a longer pole across the two so as to make a short fence. In Montana lingo that would be "buck and rail".

Side view of buck

Another view of buck

I'll do most of the work by hand, I'll try to remember to take photos of the work.


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