Making Slots in a Classical Guitar Peghead

When I was a boy my father had horses, over a hundred of them, some of them rank, and I sat them well.

Mark Spragg, Where Rivers Change Direction, 1999

Was looking at my last post, I love stirring the pot.

I cleaned my workbench after breakfast, but it didn't stay clean for long. I worked on making the slots in the peghead for a copy of a Hernandez y Aguado guitar (earlier post of rosette in redwood top). I drilled out holes at either end of the slot and cut out the remainder with a coping saw.

I forgot that I could use the vise jaws to help me file the edges of the slots true and square, I wish I had remembered it earlier. Once everything is finally sanded I need to do some carving and texturing to make the peghead look like this:


  1. Wilson, that's a good idea, I hate it when I think of the right way after I've already done the hard way.

  2. The peghead is coming along beautifully.

    I often go to the vise as an afterthought, having exhausted my anatomical work-holding options - filed my fingers or chiselled my knee!


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