1912 Ex-Segovia Cedar/East Indian Rosewood Classical Guitar

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Inspired by Andrés Segovia’s famous 1912 Manuel Ramirez guitar, I chose Western red cedar top and East Indian rosewood back and sides from my collection of tone wood once owned by the late John Weissenrieder, an American guitar maker who lived in Italy.

It has three piece twenty-plus year old Western red cedar top, a Simplicio style rosette and an East Indian rosewood bridge with a Mother of Pearl/bone tie block cover. 

The back and sides are East Indian rosewood that was milled in Milan, Italy in 2001. This wood was once owned by late John Weissenrieder, an American guitar maker who lived in Italy. I purchased this wood several years ago from his father, Lynn Weissenrieder. This rosewood is dark with tight grain, it is nearly impossible to find rosewood this nice these days!

I stayed faithful in most respects to the design: the top and back kerfing, pillarettes and transverse bars are shaped as the original, the end block and the “Spanish slipper” of the neck match the original dimesnions. The top bracing is not what was used on Segovia’s Ramirez, it is a bracing system that I developed that helps create a magnificent sounding guitar! 

I tune the back so it is about one step higher in tone than the guitar top, I accomplish this with judicious spot sanding of the rosewood and carving of the back braces.

The headstock crest is a copy of the original Ramirez crest. 

The rosewood binding and maple purfling match the original and the guitar is fully French polished.

The voice of this guitar is lyrical and beautiful with an incredible amount of depth and just a little bit of growl to it, it is beautifully balanced giving you most anything you could want from a top tier instrument. 


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