Double Top Classical Guitar for Sale

Double top guitars are awesome!

Overheard at a classical guitar competition, 2019

This double top classical guitar will be completed by September 9, 2022 and available for viewing and a test drive at the Denver Guitar Festival September 9-11, 2022. 

The Engelmann spruce top has an inlay of honeycomb Nomex withSitka spruce veneer, the back and sides are curly maple with an Indian rosewood fillet in the back. Please email me for more information..

Engelmann spruce top

Curly maple back and sides with rosewood fillet in back 

650mm string length

52mm wide fretboard at nut

62mm at 12th fret

59mm string spacing at bridge

482mm body length

278mm upper bout 

237mm waist

372mm lower bout

Ebony fretboard

East Indian rosewood bridge

Gilbert tuning machines

Crossrock fiberglass case



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