Classical Guitar Festival Experiences, Part 2

“Is that who I think it is?” I asked Frank as one of the vendors walked by his table.

“Yes, it is.” he replied.

“I should go over to their table and try out one of their guitars.”

“They make double tops” Frank said with some disdain. He continued to play my guitar, I kept quiet and avoided that table all week.

Frank then launched into “Muneira”, the finale of Federico Mompou’s Suite Compostelana, his playing was furious and wonderful, I had no problem hearing the guitar in the cacophony of other guitarists playing other vendor guitars in hopes of finding one that was truly great. 

When Frank finish the piece, he looked up, smiled at me and proclaimed, “I could play a full concert on this guitar tonight!”

“Well, why don’t you?”

“The powers-that-be do not seem to think I am fit enough to be on the marquee!”

Later that afternoon, Frank began to sing, his assistant accompanied him on a guitar and a hush fell over the entire space as everyone listened to his wonderful voice.


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