Redwood/East Indian Rosewood Classical Guitar

The workshop should be a comfortable and convenient place in which to work-the one place you'd rather spend time in than anywhere else.

Aldren A. Watson, Hand Tools, Their Ways and Workings, 1982

We have lived in this wonderful house for two months now, the neighborhood is quiet and I can't get used to the fact that everything we need-groceries, restaurants, museums, etc.- are only minutes away by car or light rail. I appreciate the fact that many of my clients live within a short drive of the house and that I do have studio space.

Having a space means that I need to work and I am busy working on a new guitar that has a reclaimed redwood top with East Indian rosewood back and sides. I got the guitar assembled by the end of last Friday, this week I have been doing some light sanding on the the guitar prepping for when I glue the bridge on and I made the bridge. Today was spent sanding and raising the grain on the bridge so I can start pore filling and French polishing it next week.

I am very excited to get the bridge on this guitar and string it up "in the white", I have a feeling this will be an exceptional guitar in the beauty and depth of its tone. Once I put strings on it, I will let it settle in a bit and then start tuning the top by adjusting the top thickness with judicious sanding and much listening to improve the guitar's tone.

There is another guitar in the works, one with an European spruce top that will have rosewood back and sides, and the back is quite stunning with its fillet of Macassar ebony. Almost all the parts for it are ready, this afternoon I planed and scraped the sides down to 2mm thickness, all I need to do is bend the sides, once that is done I can start assembling that guitar!

As you scroll through this photos, I want you to think about how you can add more beauty and elegance into your work and life. That was something my parents and many of my college professors urged me to do, I try to add beauty and elegance to my life every day.


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