Dutch Tool Chest

The other room has more floor space. There is a fine old workbench at one end, with tool cabinets and a rack for clamps and other things.

James Krenov, The Fine Art of Cabinetmkaing, 1977

My Dutch tool chest is done, well, except for painting it, installing a hasp and padlock, making a till for the back saws and a little tote to hold some smaller tools.

I am pleased with it, though today, when I loaded it with all the tools I had hanging on pegs on the wall, I realized that it is not big enough!

I plan on making another tool box that this tool chest can sit on. Having the main tool box sit higher will be a nice thing, making tools more accessible.

Would I ever make another tool box in this style? Yes, I would, but the next will I will take the time to purchase some nice sugar pine, or find some locally harvested and milled ponderosa pine, I don't like working with this plantation grown radiata pine.

And I might make the next tool chest a little bigger. Just saying!


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