SOLD! 2017 Redwood/East Indian Rosewood Classical Guitar

Hi, Wilson, guitar arrived in excellent shape. I'll be photographing and listing almost immediately today. She's a beauty, brother. Very nice.

Richard Sayage, owner, Savage Classical Guitar

I shipped a very nice redwood/East Indian rosewood classical guitar to Savage Classical Guitar on Monday, and it arrived in Bohemia, New York, this morning!

This is really a wonderful guitar, it is loud with a beautiful bel canto voice, all notes are very even up and down the fret board, and, as my wife pointed out, every note is clear, clean and crisp. It is one guitar that I wish I could keep for myself, but it needs to be in the hands of a player that wants a truly outstanding guitar.

The bracing is an adaptation of one used by Jesus Belezar, Manuel Hernandez's son-in-law. I purchased the redwood top from Luthiers Mercantile.

I bought this set of East Indian rosewood back and sides sometime around 2002, I wish I had bought more back then, it is really hard to find rosewood this nice these days.

A Manuel Ramirez style rosette in a redwood top that has some nice medullary rays. I should write a little more about how it is getting harder to find decent redwood for tops, I wonder how long it will be before we run out of redwood, including the sinker redwood. FYI, less than 3% remains of the original old growth redwood forests.

Here is "Pastora" with her final coat of French polish and a set of Pepe Romero nylon strings.

Her back.

The carved headstock.

I hope she finds a good home.

Please visit Savage Classical Guitar for more photos and a video!


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