New Tool: A Stanley No.36 1/2 Ruler, Warrented Boxwood English

While "measure twice and cut once" is always pithy advice, it is more important to measure accurately and to know that you have.

Aldren A. Watson, Hand Tools, 1982

I bought this ruler off of eBay a couple of weeks ago.

I needed a folding ruler to carry in my coat pocket so I can measure the hands of potential clients, to see what scale length will suit them best for playing a classical guitar.

I had originally wanted to by a one foot four fold Stanley ruler, but the ones that were being auctioned at the time were out of my price range.

I won this one, received it in the mail and then found several affordable one foot four fold rulers on eBay.

Funny how it always happens that way.


  1. I picked up a nice one foot four fold but find it a bit fussy to open and close, compared to my 2 foot rule. I think you're better of with the one you have.

  2. I have my grandfather's one foot four fold ruler and I think it's the best! I have no problems working it! I was told he carried it everywhere and used it constantly when he would bid on jobs. I guess he thought it was easy to use!


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