The Bridge for Julia's Guitar-Making a Copy of a 1933 Santos Hernandez Guitar

At first sight, the Bridge appears to be a complicated and difficult thing to make, but you will discover that it is quite simple when you begin to follow the sequence of operations. Once again, it is a matter of care and patience as in all the other aspects of guitar construction.

Stanley Doubtfire, Make Your Own Classical Guitar, 1981

I finished carving the wings on the bridge today and glued on the mother-of-pearl overlay on the chordal block. I also found out how hard mother-of-pearl is, it will quickly dull a plane, knife or card scraper edge and wears out sand paper pretty fast.

I sanded the bridge using some 220 grit, then 400 grit and followed that by burnished the whole thing with an old dish towel.

It has a wash coat of shellac on it, now you can see how pretty this piece of Indian rosewood is.


  1. Great work, Wilson. When the time comes to be able to produce a recording of the guitar, my ears will be ready!

  2. Thanks for the kind words, Tico!

    I hope to post a video of Julia playing her give after I hand it off to her. Stay tuned!

  3. I've recently started to learn classical guitar(lefty, self teaching) & have found these guitar building blogs very interesting.(reading by way of smartphone) Thank you for posting these great articles.

  4. Your welcome, Joseph!

    I'm glad when anyone starts to learn the classic guitar, it's a wonderful world and the repertoire is endless!

    Check out Rob Reid's website at


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