Shaping the 19th Fret - The One That Splits the Guitar's Sound Hole

Everyone seeks in the guitar his own twin soul....

Oscar Ghiglia, classical guitarist

Most classical guitars have a split 19th fret at the sound hole. I discovered a long time ago that it was much easier to shape the frets on a dummy fret board before they are pressed home on the guitar.

In this case I took a piece of cherry and matched the existed fingerboard and sound hole. I sawed a slot and then pressure fitted the frets.

I grind the ends on a sandpaper disc chucked into a drill press.

Finished. Now I can install them on the guitar.

Here's a YouTube of David Russell, enjoy!


  1. I think David reached the 17th fret on the first piece.

    Thanks so much for this video. He is a wonderful guitar master.

  2. Thanks, Tico!

    I am so glad that there is a YouTube, I don't feel quite so isolated knowing that I can find the amazing musicians of the world showing us what can be.


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