The Making of a Guitar

...a guitar is not a work of art-it is almost fundamentally a technical opus.

Jose Ramirez III, Things About the Guitar, 1990

I am at home sick today with a whopper of a head cold. I had the chance to read a little more of Ramirez's book this morning and went to the Ramirez guitar website. You should check out the video on how they make their guitars. Got to watch it again to get some ideas.

Here is the Lacote I have been working on, the neck was glued in place along with the fret board. Can't do much else, my wife got a promotion to Denver, she leaves mid February and I am waiting to hear if I have a job at Rocky Mountain National Park. I probably won't leave California until May.

Back in the late 1970's when I was in high school studying the classic guitar, everyone had to have a Ramirez guitar, because Parkening and Segovia played Ramirez's. I have had the chance to play 2 Ramirez's, one didn't impress me, the other was a wonderful guitar, though it didn't compare to the Dake Traphagen guitar that belonged to Dave Feingold at Western Washington University. That guitar was so responsive, I still can't wrap my head around how good it was looking back at the experience fifteen years later.


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