Ukulele #1, Redwood and Walnut

2 photos of a ukulele that I am working on. I decided that I wanted a little guitar to play when we drive to Colorado this September, what better than a ukulele. It's gone together remarkably fast compared to a full size classic guitar, its small size lends to the ease of construction. The chunk of wood that you see glued on the bass side of the neck is a patch where the router went amok when I was making the binding channels.

This is a concert size ukulele (oo koo lay le, if you want to sound Hawaiian, I prefer the American English of you ka' lay lee), the top is reclaimed redwood from a redwood water tank and the back, sides and headpiece veneer are the last of the walnut from a tree my grandfather planted back in 1941. The neck is Spanish cedar, the binding and bridge will be ebony. I hope to finish construction soon, it will take a while to do the French polish.


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