What People Are Saying About My Guitars

"Wow! This is a great guitar!"

Michael Chapdelaine, guitarist, recording artist and winner of the Guitar Foundation of America International Classical Guitar Competition and the National Finger Style Championship.

"I am in awe by how rich this guitar sounds. It has a beautiful blend of warmth and projection, and it is so easy to play. I love how it has a very distinct voice yet at the same time it allows my own voice to shine through when I play. It has such a unique sound, I love showing it off whenever I can!" 

Marisa Sardo, guitarist, recording artist and winner of the 2021 Twisted Spruce Music Foundation Guitar Competition

"I have had the pleasure of playing the magnificent guitars made by Wilson. The first impression that one perceives is the beautiful and fine aesthetics of his meticulous craftsmanship, but the most important thing for a concert guitarist is to be able to reveal all the expression, dynamics and musicianship that only the fine instruments can offer us and  without a doubt that is what we find in Wilson’s guitars: balance, elegance, color, volume, dynamics and a fast response, a sound that flies, catches and embraces not only the player but also the audience. An ideal guitar for the professional soloist and also for the serious student. Highly recommended!

Alfredo Muro, guitarist and recording artist

"What a beautiful guitar!"

Laura Husbands, guitarist, recording artist and adjunct faculty of guitar at the University of Denver, 

"I've played many other "high end" guitars, such as ones by Randy Reynolds, Larry Breslin, John Price, John/Bill Gilbert and even a few Ramirez guitars and I still like yours far better than any of them. The tone and playability are unmatched. I really love your guitar."

Kyle Throw ,  guitarist, recording artist and composer, Westminster, Colorado

"His guitars are simply outstanding. I can't believe how rich the tone and the amount of volume that I get out of the one that he made me. Love it!"

Julia Brochey, North Pines Music, Castle Rock, Colorado

"This is the guitar that I wish I had had when I first started really playing the classical guitar. I think you have found your calling, Wilson!"

Warren Haskell, guitar educator/performer and former head of the guitar program at California State University, Chico, California

"There is nothing wrong with this guitar! It is loud with great clarity and note separation - and it has a bite to its voice!"

Alex Komodore, Director of Guitar Studies, Metropolitan State University, Denver, Colorado

"Very nice, very nice indeed!"

Jose Manuel Tudela, acclaimed Flamenco guitarist, Sevilla, Spain

"As I have played my Martinez style guitar, I've come to really appreciate the neck width and fingerboard width, both of which suit my increasingly stiff hands. Its voice is surprisingly loud, given the size of the body, and if it has a dead spot in its range I have not found it yet."

HD Ware, guitarist, Little Rock, Arkansas


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