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One Reason Not To Have A Tool Chest In A Small Shop!

Tool chests are an obvious convenience, and are usually made by the workmen in all trades for convenience in storing their tools.

Bernard E. Jones, The Practical Woodworker, 190?

The best reason not to have a tool chest in a small shop is that is quickly becomes counter space!

Though it is nice just to walk over to the cool new lathe that I own and turn a tool handle or something on it real quick.

Click here to see what I want to build (with modifications, I don't need the vise!) to replace this tool chest.


  1. I was going to suggest you build a cat house, but that might create more overcrowding issues.

  2. Tico, your comment reminds me of a T-shirt that was very popular when I was going to school at the University of Montana, Missoula back in 1980--Please don't tell my mom I'm a logger, she thinks I'm a piano player in a cat house!

  3. Wow, I guess loggers are the utter dregs! I'd like to have one of those shirts.
    I first heard the term as a kid, listening to a Super Blooper from a small western radio station where the announcer introduced a tune by saying that Cecil Johnson, yodelling country boy, was going to sing "There's an empty bunk in the Cathouse Tonight"... errr (chuckle) "I mean, 'There's an empty cot in the Bunkhouse Tonight."

  4. wilson,
    that's why I shouldn't be trusted with table space, much less tool chests.

    the variant of that tee-shirt slogan that I remember best was current in the oil patch in the late 70s: "Please don't tell my mama I'm in the oil patch...she still thinks I'a a parlor perfesser at Lulu's!" The term "parlor professor' in fact means cathouse musician; if I had the time I'd trace out the etymology. suffice it to say, there are or were some gainful employments about which a family might have some reticence!

  5. Thanks for the story, Perfessor Ware, it is good to hear from you!


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