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New Shop Made Marking/Cutting Gauge and Blog Page Template

Gauges are tools for producing lines upon the surface of wood, parallel with the edge they are used upon.

George Ellis, Modern Practical Joinery, 1902

I started making this gauge about a year ago, it was a rainy day project that I didn't finish until today, thus it became a snow flurry day project.

The fence and arm are walnut, the wedge is made from a 20 year old piece of ebony, the cutter was taken from a purfling cutter that I abandoned long ago.

I need to reshape the cutter's end from a knife point to a v-point, that tends to work better for cutting veneer into purfling strips.

There is another marking/cutting gauge on the tool shelf that is the standard "go to" gauge, but I wanted another gauge just for cutting veneer.

Here is my quiver of gauges, from left to right: the newest gauge, the day to day gauge, a double arm mortise gauge and a pin gauge. The mortise and pin gauges were made from Claro walnut harvested near my parents home in Northeastern California,…

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