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2014 Engelmann Spruce/California Laurel Classical Guitar
$4200 $3995!

This guitar is based upon Antonio Torres' 1864 FE19 guitar.

It has an Engelmann Spruce top with California Laurel back and sides, Spanish cedar neck, ebony fretboard, ebony bindings and an Indian rosewood bridge.

A very loud guitar with a beautiful singing voice. It opens up quickly as it is played, that is the wonder of Engelmann spruce, it opens up almost as fast as western red cedar. This guitar currently has Aquila 2000 treble strings with Savarez Corum high tension bass strings

Scale-650mm compensated

String spacing-42mm, 51mm, 59.5mm at bridge
Overall length-38 3/4"
Body-18 7/8"
Upper bout-10 13/16"
Waist-9 1/8"
Lower bout-14 1/4"
Body depth neck to tail-3 1/2" to 3 3/4"
Guitar weight-3lbs, 5oz.

French polish
Sloane Tuners
includes HumiCase, can upgrade to Hiscox case for an additional $300.
Shipping not included.

Here is what Alex Komodore, Director of Guitar Studies at Metropolitan State University, Denver, said about this guitar:

There is nothing wrong with this guitar! It is loud with great clarity and note separation - and it has a bite to its voice!
Steve Mullins, a flamenco guitarist based in Boulder, Colorado said this - This guitar is incredible! It has a lot to give and it keeps on giving! From clear basses to singing trebles, this guitar will make someone very happy!

2018 Bearclaw Sitka Spruce/East Indian Rosewood Guitar

Scale-640mm, compensated
Finish-French polish 
Tuners-Sloane with leaf plate
Strings-Savarez Corum high tension
Case-Hiscox Lite Flite HSC w/velvet interior

Top-Bearclaw Sitka spruce, purchased in 1999
Sides/Back-EIRW, purchased in 1999
Neck-Spanish cedar
Bridge-EIRW w/MOP tie block cover
Fret board-Indonesia ebony
Rosette-1912 Manuel Ramirez copy
Bindings-Indonesia ebony
Nut width-51.5mm
String spacing-40mm, 48mm, 56mm at bridge
Overall length-38"
Body-18 15/16"
Upper bout-10 1/4"
Waist-8 3/4"
Lower bout-13 7/8"
Body Depth-3 1/2" to 3 11/16"
Action-4.5mm, 3.5mm
Weight, 3lbs, 3oz.

TY Zhang playing the bearclaw spruce/ rosewood guitar at the Orange County Guitar Guitar Festival and Competition at Chapman University, March 2019. He really liked it!

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  1. Wilson, I stand by what I have said in the past about the walnut Martinez-style: it is a joy to play, day in and day out. The scale and neck width are well-suited to my hands, which are not large and are increasingly arthritic, these days! As for its voice, it glows, once a new set of stings is played in: crisp enough in the upper registers, "loud enough" but not mushy in the low end. I note that you do not plan to make more, which I guess might be a response to there being little demand among classical players for what seems to be a near ancestor of the more usual instrument. "Their" loss, sayeth this deponent; the Martinez's balance of sweet tone, great playability and compactness make it my "vademecum"--the guitar that can go -- and does! -- with me. It will head east with me to the "Frets and Refrains" guitar camp, taught by Richard Thompson, Martin Carthy and others, next month.


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