1961 Hernandez y Aguado Style Guitar/SOLD!

I could perform a concert on this guitar tonight!

Frank Wallace, classical guitarist, baritone, composer

This guitar, based upon one made by Manuel Hernandez and Victoriano Aguado, recently sold at Savage Classical Guitar.

It is a fairly close copy of a guitar made by Hernandez y Aguado in 1961. The body length is 480mm, most of the HyA guitars had a body length of 490mm; string length is 650mm, many were 655mm and longer; other than that I tried to stay as close to the original as possible. The headstock crown is a copy of HyA's work and if you look closely at the photo you can see that I recessed part of the face of the headstock and stippled it, like the original. The sound board is braced with a typical HyA asymmetrical bracing with an angled cutoff brace towards the treble side.

This particular guitar was made with a California redwood top, East Indian back and sides, Spanish cedar neck, Macassar ebony fret board, East Indian bridge and was fitted with Rubner tuners.

String length - 650mm
Width at nut - 52mm
Width at 12th fret - 62mm


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