Selling My Tool Collection

Those of you who have followed me and this blog know that over the years I have gathered a few vintage tools. Some where handed down to me by my family, others I have picked up as they became available or as needed.

More and more,  I am focusing on making, selling and repairing classical guitars and many of the hand tools I have in my collection are no longer needed because I don't use them.

This is good news for you, fellow woodworkers, now you have the chance to buy some very nice tools, maybe I will sell one that you need or want. I plan on offering most of them these next two weeks so I can ship them off in time for Christmas, or perhaps a day or two later.

Please check back tomorrow, 12/05/19, around 5pm Mountain Standard Time, to see what tools I am listing on eBay!

Now, turn off the computer and get back into the shop!


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