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On the Workbench

This guitar is based on a guitar built by Manuel Hernandez and Victoriano Aguado in 1968. Guitarists who have played Hernandez y Aguado guitars include Regino Sainz de la Maza, John Williams, Julian Bream and Graham Anthony Devine.

Engelmann spruce top
Ziricote back and sides
Ebony bindings
Spanish cedar neck
Ebony fret board
650mm string length
Neck - 52mm wide at nut, 62mm wide at 12th fret
Neck - 21.5mm thick at 1st fret, 24mm thick at 9th fret

The soundboard bracing pattern is a close copy of the original, I thinned the Engelmann spruce top to be about 2.0mm in the center, decreasing to about 1.7mm on the edges.

The back and sides are ziricote, the back is braced with Spanish cedar.

I French polish all of my guitars with shellac. I believe this is the best finish for the guitar, it is also an environmentally friendly finish. I don't need to wear a respirator when I apply the finish, nor do I need to store the materials in a hazardous materials locker!

Ziricote is a visually stunning wood!


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